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We thought we had one little rooster but turns out we have three! That’s what happens when you’re playing farmer and really have no idea what you’re
Blahhh day editing like crazy!!! Waiting for this thunderstorm to start...
Not a bad business trip if you ask me, Greece! 🇬🇷 a few snaps of @merrickagnew reaping the rewards of what the business has to offer, excited to see
What’s the best advice you’ve gotten?
The best piece of advice I received was from Dr. Greg Strum, my first anatomy teacher, my freshman year of co
Finally got my gravers from @riogrande !!!!! Now I can practice bead/star setting.  I also got a new hammer...happy girl here lol.
@ralphgracie thank you so much for today!!! Damn fine #technical #refinement to add to my #game. That #KUNGFUGRIP #Seminar #BJJ #TheMatDevil #Legend #Fan #
Part I of a night out, Amal Clooney and Nick Clooney providing thought provoking and inspiring conversation. Geeking out with @sarahyu11 👩‍🏫👩
I was listening to this podcast as I when to pick up my daughter from my mom’s house (because I have to use every single minute of the day to learn somet
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Day one in the books. This is gonna be awesome. 🌺❤️#ytt #neversaynever #alwayslearning #redbloom #bloomandlearn #backatittomorrow #soexcited
Do you have a picture of who you want to be in a year? Two years? What are the leadership skills you have? What have you accomplished? Write down all of th
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@nationgibrick @recoverwithpurpose My favorite thing about this post is Nations comment about learning so
It’s official, we reached the trifecta winning this year’s Best Custom Bobber at @motoblot in Chicago today. We’ve become much better builders over t
Photo taken just before the excellent Miles Canyon guided nature hike by the Yukon Conservation Society - fantastic to learn more about the gold rush and F
💫I often smack myslef in the head 💫or throw my hoop but I never give up💞. There is way too much fun to be had dancing in this circle⭕ !! I switc
#legit - Pet Peeve of mine is someone who complains about not getting the results they want. I follow up to these people by asking them a few simple questi
I was perusing facebook mushroom pages  this evening and stopped for a second and thought...why am I on my phone and not in the woods! So I grabbed my bask
We had an amazing time at Super Saturday! I love being around like minded people!! Truly inspiring ❤️ PS. Super excited to be doing this business with
#stumphouse Tune in TOMORROW on YouTube for this short hike to the Stump House at #guillemotcove Was it worth getting stung by a bee in the face? I think i
Crucial differences I’m learning between performance and bodybuilding:
Full range of motion is not always best.
Stopping early from the bottom helps avoi
Here’s a pic of me from the other day after doing 3 unassisted pull-ups. I’ve had the goal to be able to do one for most of my life and now I’m const
Sunday is adventure day! Outside is so much more fun and best of all... FREE! Just missing one thing :( #wemissdaddy #girltime #adventures #alwayslearning
Took some time for me and read the next chapter in my current PD book. *The lie: I should be further along by now God has perfect timing and its highly p
Floating Citronella candle

Spruce up your summer social with this beautiful DIY citronella candle. It is not only EASY but it will change the look of any
You will NOT heal by going to What Broke you .....👈💎
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It was truly a delight to catch up with Brian yesterday. He us one of the best humans I know and I used to work with him at the YMCA. It was cool to swap s
I just love my new spice tin! Thankyou @kavyanishtala for getting me started! Cannot wait to start cooking up a storm (lemon rice, Kheer and paneer masala
I may be a lot of things, but for today at least, I’m not a 90 percenter!! I’m 100% varnished and finished with these 6 paintings!!! (...and about 30%
Learning from the generations above us is one of the best things we can do! There is so much wisdom and love to be inspired by. Who inspires you?
Pops is
Two 1/2 weeks after her balayage and it still looks amazing!! #redkenbleach #goodhomecareproducts #thatseamlessblend #practicemakesperfect #alwayslearning
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‼️ @mikeyyyyyyy_  is coming to AZ! The collective welcomes mike for an evening of education Monday, July 23rd.  Join
We as humans are capable of doing absolutely anything in this life if we just believe in ourselves. We constantly make excuses or use fear to stop us from
This book. It is SO good. It was recommended by a sweet teenager working at Joseph Beth. She was SO enthusiastic about how much she loved this book and the
Kids are natural scientists. While my daughter and I baked treats, my son was busy with experiments. Water, pencil shavings, seed beads and a toy cement tr
This is my little piece of heaven! Perfect place to read my book this evening! ☀️🏝📚
Happy International Handstand Day 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️
I’ve never felt more ALIVE and FREE than I do right now, in this very moment. 🤗
What a great weekend making books with @purplebeanbindery - I can’t wait to make more... and more! #copticbinding #leathersketchbook #sewyourown #bookbin