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We got a lot to toast up to, but we gone wait to do it all at once...
In life, nothing is guaranteed.
The way you treat people rebounds back to you tenfold.
Kindness magnifies.
Being the best version of yourself is the ultima
Think Im weird? Wait till you meet my dad
#itllallmakesense #weirdos #loveyou #dad
They don’t want to see us smile.... it’s offensive so I do it all the time!

@tradehousecali @1tradehouse 
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Go check out my brothers amazing work on his page 🙌🏽👌🏽 👍🏽👍🏽 @RepostRegramApp - Proud to say my brother @awol.jay contributed his ar
Proud to say my brother @awol.jay contributed his artistic skills in making this video. Watch the entire video in the bio of @goodygrace or @g_eazy 🎼
Counting my blessings everyday....it’s crazy where prayer and hard work can get you. That sh** really works! People mess up when their time and consisten
Its all just a matter of time.
When they think they know everything you been up to...🏃🏾‍♂️
Support the cause..when you see me snatch you a wristband for $1.00 NxG Digital is for the people...health is the new cool! Get at me! -NxG Deezy #ITLLAL
If you’d like to order your official #Tradehouse Tee DM us!
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This self love thing is hard! The older I get the more I understand its importance though. Some of my biggest disconnects with other people lately has left
Got another opportunity to speak to another room full of people in my hometown on behalf of TradeHouse and the vision behind it. These last 3 months have b
You might believe in GOD but your life will all make sense when you commit to TRUST in God. Let go & let GOD. #GodIsLove #GodIsEnergy #GodIsEverything #FAI
I feel honored sharing a page with @itsianj in this years issue of the MOTY Magazine lol. It’s an even bigger pleasure to be recognized for a lot of work
2018 and beyond 
Never could’ve imagined us reaching this many people in such a short span of time. We’ve talked to rooms as big as over a hundred and we’ve talked to
This dude @i_bthompson is the reason I became a “big brother” now this dude is 22 years young. Happy BDay bro, your growth as man is impressive and I l
It’s strategy behind every step we walk...#itllallmakesense #lastoneforallmynontraders
The opposite of friction & thats a fact 👑 #itllallmakesense
🦋With life being our greatest test, change is inevitable. Growth is what we can control. Namaste 🙏🏼 oxoxox SK #life #greatesttest #inevitable #gro
Just a little Monday morning reminder that you are EXACTLY where youre meant to be. Any confusion or uncertainty will all make sense down the road. Were
Like TD Jakes wrote to Steven Furtick on his birthday “Try to ignore the lacerations and bruises that accompany such achievement” uffff that was hard !
Use your brain and don’t get bitter 🧠  #coffeethoughts #alwaysmoveforward #inspirationalquotes #itllallmakesense #trustyourjudgement
Fxck being humble..ive been doing that for years! I gotta a  legacy to cement..I got fam that depend on me..most important I gotta prove that im up for t
Hello Spring! | You DONT merely exist 💯
Your existence is out of your control (please dont try to put it in yiur hands), good news is the reason fo
#IStayOnTheGrind #ItllAllMakeSense s/o to big cuz @nxg_deezy !
More often than not, the people who enter and leave your life serve a purpose. That purpose may be something small or something that could impact the rest
Just when I thought I couldnt miss her more.. I come home and found this next to my moms urn.. 💔 my poor baby is missing his Nana 😭 
#onesweetday #i
Been up since 4am, got a song on my mind and I gotta get it recorded before I lose the melody. #piano #music #80s #itllallmakesense #tech
Ayo @duvalspace_program tell these niggas im on their necks! #ITLLALLMAKESENSE #NxG #TRMMG #Duvalspaceprogram #shockboy #NxGDeezy #studiosession
I promise, one day your clouds will stop raining and they will become lighter. Your flowers will finally bloom and your sun will come out. Until then, plea
Nov 22, 2013. At 19 y.o., I had the whole universe figured out and I knew myself 100%, or so I thought. This was my 4th informational interview/shadowing e
I always wear that smile on my face!! Now if its a real smile, hmm couldnt tell ya 🤔 #oneday #itllallmakesense
Every time, the Universe shows me it’s got me. Even in my dark and down times, the Universe is always cooking up something delicious! My life has gone up