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In Kowloon Walled City, over 300 interconnected high-rise buildings [stood] packed into a Hong Kong city block, built without permits or contributions fro
IdeasCity is a civic platform of the New Museum of New York, based on the premise that art and culture are essential for the future life of cities.

This f
Piece of Europe in Chicago
“Alea iacta est” (The die is cast) ~ Julius Caesar, 49 BC.
Details, details..
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City of Glass - London is forever changing and so many of the new buildings incorporate a lot of glass, which results in lots of reflections. Spotted in a
[47] Have Fan I Proyecto del taller vertical @architectureuic donde tuvimos la oportunidad de trabajar como docentes. Realizado a lo largo del Rec Comptal,
The Hintze Hall at the Natural History Museum, London by Picfair photographer @l.l.photoshots.⠀
An absolutely stunning composition from one of Londo
3VV 3 Vegri Villas - Vegri Housing in Padova
Design: @cappochin_atelier
Архифото каждый день/ Archiphoto every day. 
День/Day 459 🔴 RUS Австрия.Вена. Очерки городских исто
Exterior Goals? 
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Credits to photographer
Morning Light ~ Beautiful architectural details let the light flood in to this gorgeous wine country project by client @wadedesignarchitects_. Blurring the
Then we went in to show just a little bit of the courtyard
Designed by the future architect @kerubo_designer
Collaborators || @kevinlevvy & @
However I walk around this pyramid every day, I found the beauty of it even now😉
The Red Hour is the moment for thé coming of age - a time when one emancipates oneself. 
Pictured here is @kakinbow .
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The #helena57west offers both stunning views of the New York City Skyline as well as the Hudson River. #lovewhereyoulive
Photography tip of the day : learn to properly expose the shot with your camera.
 Shooting against the sun might be tricky but well exposed you can retrie
А фасады в Лиссабоне-это моя любовь 😍 Их можно долго стоять и разглядывать. Столько
Esta semana hemos retomado un proyecto que llevaba un tiempo parado y que teníamos muchas ganas de reactivar | ESPACIOS DE RELACIÓN ENTRE DISTINTOS GRUPO