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The Los Angeles Lakers are the real winners of the Kawhi Leonard trade because they keep their young core of Ball, Ingram, Kuzma and Hart together and they
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A smiling Kawhi?

Maybe he’s happy to be in Toronto after all 😀 perfect 👌 💖 Follow me @basketball_daily_ig for more 💗
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Me (being a huge NBA fan) thought I saw a basketball player who looked familiar. So, I ended up meeting Boston Celtics’ Kadeem Allen. Very cool and humbl
#basketballneverstops  It all starts falling into place over time because of that time you choosing to sacrifice to have them get better 💪
#加藤寛樹 #balli
PLAYERS: Does your GOALS match up with the work you putting in this offseason?!
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Day 4. #Boys Snow Valley basketball camp 3. 06:30AM Comfort zone is for the weak... The hard work never stops behind the scenes and we expect our campers t
La première édition du camp basket de Nort-Sur-Erdre est en marche... 🏀📷 #happyfaces #staff #stagiaires #NDC #adidas #basketballcamp #basketball #b
I sold loads of shoes this week so I got the Foamposites and I decided to get these too because I love the colours on them! Had to go half size down becaus
@vicoladipo shouldve been a Defensive Player of the Year award nominee.
Dont @ me
Why are scientist so hell bent on creating artificial things. Twisted minds. We can grow food, yet they creating gmo products. We can reproduce people an
We starting out @adas_juskevicius shooting clinics 2018 with his signed T-SHIRTS!!! ✌️📷🏀🏀
#basketballcamp #summerbasketbal
Practice makes perfect - I shoot 3s in my sleep ❤️🏀🔥 💦 #ballislife #hoopmixtape #striveforgreatness🚀 #trusttheprocess #straightshooter #Bba
Ballin’ on a budget
This is sick...🔥🔥
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Agree, I just don’t understand they hype for this guy. He’s a bench player on Villanova and the comes out and he’s got in the final four. He had a go
Thoughts 👇🏽
One day?🤔
Il reste 2 secondes et vous êtes mené de 2 points. Vous faites la passe à qui❓
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Big thanks to @allnetshooter for the shooting device. I recommend any player who wants to elevate their shot, to use the device. This will reprogram you to
#NoChilll 😂
2011 ECR1 Game 1 | Youngest MVP Derrick Rose (39pts) leads Bulls to comeback W vs Pacers in final minute. 🙌🏽 D-Roses block on Darren Collison into a
Cada tiro en el entrenamiento, a velocidad de partido #loscojones #jasikevicius #shooter #workout #pao #ballislife #basket
How many does your team have?👇🏽
You gonna learn today..😂
Will LeBron take the Lakers to the finals this year? What are your thoughts?
Fight through it 😤 (via @cbrickley603, @spidadmitchell)
travelled 54km to Yuen Long for some red hot summer ball #ballislife
It’s timeeeee 🔥🙌
Premier Cup 🏆 Finals is here!! 💰$6000💰 and 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ bragging rights on the line!!
🚺 - 1pm : So
Caris LeVert Career Prediction! ⬇️Do You Agree?⬇️💈---------------------------------💈#NBA #basketball #nbamemes #trusttheprocess #bigballerbra
No olvideis bailar
. ..👠👠👠👠👣👣👣👣✌
Giannis Antetokounmpo N34 Volcano edition 
Its experience blur/tone effects

Karl-Anthony Towns ( fire-garnett edition ) 

Spurs have agree to trade Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green to Toronto Raptors for DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl and a protected 2019 first-round pick, league so