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Sophicated You....
Try the new Fragrance,
Avon Far away Rebel- This sophisticated combination opens with a vivid burst of crème de cassis and fresh orange
Encuentra tu misión y no descanses hasta que estés trabajando en ella. 💪🏽✨ Nací para transformar VIDAS. Inspira y ayuda de 💓!
LEGIT work from home business!!! YES,YOU HAVE TO WORK!!! We are a real call center contracting agents to work for our clients. 
We Service FORTUNE 500 comp
Suppose you had someone to give you style advice, inspiration and a place to shop for curated items.  I have great news! I am creating a page to help you d
Tag someone that you love ♥️ 👇🏽
Never forget to follow your heart and nurture your soul enjoy the journey you are in charge where will your next adventure lie
Our clothes say a lot about us; they reflect our personalities, our lifestyle and often our reputation. I believe all of us want to be perceived a certain
@kyliejenner Is A Monster ♠️I see you Kylie Out Here Working #bosslady #bossbabe #bosswoman #working #workhard #playhard #kyliejenner #kyliecosmetics
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Who is watching you? Who is watching how hard you work? 🤔
They see you hustling. They see when you give up. They see when you celebrate.
“Success without fulfillment is failure”
-Tony Robbins
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Y’all I’m so obsessed with this color. I feel like a piece of me is back that I didn’t even realize was missing for the last 2 years (the last time I
Babygirl said to do sparkly blue and sparkly purple and sparkly pink today. Im not girly by any means but I will put on a dress and act like a queen for m
Standing on the edge of glory..my son and me...
When you make a decision out of love, more love comes to you
Before moving here, I’d lived in California almost my whole life and never imagined movi
When in darkness, I dance. It’s the only thing I can always count on to help me feel alive and ok. ♥️💃💃👯‍♀️♥️
😍 #BeautyBarGoals I try to actively work towards my goals every single day. It’s okay for some to take longer than others. It’s okay to take breaks.
Don’t strive for perfect strive for progress....
An independent woman that makes her goals come true with or without you 💯
She’s a woman that puts her doubts to rest and get comfortable w
✨Link in bio✨ El futuro. Scares me sooooooo much. But excites me at the same time. 😩🤩
Scared to make the wrong decisions. Take the wrong turns. B
très chic 🐥
There’s nothing that can’t be a achieved with hard work, self love, and the belief that you can do it 💫
I spy July!
“If you can put a process around it, you can get anything done.” Mr. Mike Smith touches on the importance & power of having a process in this weeks epi
Umm yeah.. That’s the life of every entrepreneur in a nutshell 😳 -
One hell of a roller coaster. 🎢🔥
And although it ain’t pretty, it’s so
It’s pretty funny when I’ve only been in Indy 4 days and the local Noodle House knows my “regular” when I walk in the door 🤣🤣🤣 spicy Korea
Have control of your MIND, & stay FOCUSED💋 #stayfocused #focus #focused #glamandglimmerlife
The pictures show our commitment to make the Best all Natural Home Made Ice Cream. For that we source the best ingredients and go back to basics such as pe
Not everyone will get you ✅
Not everyone will support you ✅
Not everyone will cheer you on ✅
That shouldnt stop your grind! ☝️️
Sometimes people taste success... then fail. They have one successful launch, build a massive following, create amazing offers... only to end up going back
The birthday girl 👸
Be a solution! Rather than starting your idea with what to sell, think about what it will solve. It’s a lot easier to gain a solid customer base when you
The bosswoman business intensive retreat. Two spots left. 
Join six successful and flourishing self-made entrepreneurs and a professional photographer for
Summer garden loading...project in progress
Happiness is a T E A M sport! 🎉 The most authentic and pure happiness is formed together and sprinkling that EVERYWHERE. You know you picked the best te
#Monat hair transformation at its finest! Consistently use these products and you will see a change in your hair 🍾 through tomorrow- get a free gift wit
Entrepreneurship is about expression. 
Sometimes due to our culture we find it hard to do this as we are scared. Scared of judgement, opinions and failing.
The Tootsie Roll to be precise 💃🏾 Thank you to everyone who supports The Girl Grotto! ❤️
#repost @flowersandleatherevents
Um coração Grato agrada a Deus!
#blessed #godnotdead #outonoinverno2018 #work #bosswoman 
#cachosbr #cacheadasdoinstagra
Sometimes, you have to take the road less traveled by.
I took a leap of faith back in December to join this business and I was so afraid that I was spend
Vibes on Super ❤️💙
🤓The best managers might be the most boring ones.🤓 👩🏽‍🏫The perfect manager would be utterly predictable, using data and evidence to make d
This girl was me 2 years ago. But it’s not me anymore. I have changed. And when I say “I’ve changed”, I’m not talking about my hair or my body. I
#rp @imbosslee thanks for sharing. I have been so annoyed with the OVER sexualization of Women by Men and Other Women. We are not here to make you Sammy’
Avoid washing your face 
with too hot water.
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A little closet #selfie on this fine Saturday💜
When God created man he said “I give you rule power and authority”
God created us in his image and likeness.
He is powerful, beautiful, loving.
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