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Нарисовала вот такую чудесную девочку с артишоками для Яны @artishok_08, которая занимает
Check out this awesome mug gift, plus more at my Zazzle store! You can put your own personal touch on every single product by adding text, images, or resiz
All cuddled up #illustration
Last day of #folktaleweek. The prompt was animal. I finally stared putting in the work to do a watercolor illustration. But it’s not ready to post and I
Last day of #folktaleweek2018 
Prompt Animal
Went with the #jackalope ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
What a great time I had with #folktaleweek 
Thank you to
quick one today for the last day of folk tale week
thanks to the awesome artists who made this challenge, it was a lot of fun to do and so much
The final day of #folktaleweek2018 - Animal.
I’m sorry it’s taken all day to post... I wanted to get the digital version finished but we’ve als
For a lil friend I sponsor!
#colorpencil #portrait #illustration #childrensillustration #ink
First book in the Rose and Rocky series called Rose and Rocky Go Green for @pbstoryweaver is out! Learn all about composting by reading the book for fr
SO! I originally had plan for the Cat in Wonderland series to end at 6 pages. But Steven Timko wanted me to add more Depth in the environment for our cat
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All week I was ill from fever to sore throat and only capable of finishing this #witch prompt for #folktaleweek 🧙‍♀️🐸🍄🍂
A friend of mine was having trouble sleeping, and so a little idea came about.  #childrensillustration #parenting #needsleep #tired #upatdawn #watercolour
As usual, working on things that I cannot show here, so meanwhile enjoy Mr. Lemon 😉 #frutitasñamñam .
#illo #artoftheday #dailyillustration #sum
Last day of #folktaleweek2018 : Animal
I’ve been wanting to paint a swan for the longest time, so I had to choose the swan ma
Children rights are denied everywhere. Lets change that on this world childrens day. Go listen to what your children have to say, maybe theyll surprise
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Not as intricate as Ernst Haeckel, but he’s inspiring my vibe lately. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Scientific name
Amongst the butterflies 
When it was warmer a few weeks ago, we went to a wildflower center and Calvin ran amongst the monarch butterflies. I’ve had this
#7 of 7 of #folktaleweek - prompt #animal . Not exactly related to a folktale I’m afraid but this is what came to me. I’m sure there’s a tale out the
Special Delivery 💌 // I saw this building last night while walking to dinner and I loved the colors, the bright yellow door. This is just a  quick littl
A perfect weekend celebrating my nephew’s first birthday! Went to the park, read some books, and ate some fish heads 🐟 #childrensillustration #kidlita
Made it! (honestly shocked, because I wasn’t expecting to do them all, but the prompts were so good!) Day 7 of #folktaleweek2018 is “Animal.” At firs
The lovely crowd founder supporters are also getting a surprise mini print with their parcel when they go out end of this week! ❤️🙏
#thankyou #aweso
When the hunted became the hunter... 🦌 (inspired by a northern Ghanaian Fare-fare hunter’s tunic I first saw at @risdmuseum) 
#folktaleweek #f
Illustrated my own red panda character in Procreate. Trying to learn how to draw and use Procreate at the same time. I am soooo slow at drawing.
Did you know that the zebra didnt always have stripes, and the baboon didnt always have bare buns?
Legend has it that a zebra
Since 1993, Operation Christmas Child, the world’s largest Christmas project of its kind, has collected and delivered more than 157 million shoebox gifts
#SundayDrawing This has become a little relaxing habit of mine. Each Sunday afternoon I meet with a gathering of my pens and pencils and draw things that m
21日から個展がはじまるwatagumo舎さんで、秋に宮沢賢治展に参加していた際の作品です。 「何と云はれても」という
And, just because, here’s Kit with his forest toys and some of my very favourite folk and fairytale illustrators- Arthur Rackham, Harry Clarke, Kay Niels
Inkktober day 26: Stretch

The Gator monster started to chase Hilda, firing its spikes as he went. Even though she was stumbling in the thick mud, Hilda w
For my last drawing of #folktaleweek with the theme of ANIMAL, I chose the Bolivian folktale Armadillos Song. More than anything else in the world, Armadi
Final 2 prompts for #folktaleweek2018 combined: ‘mirror’ and ‘animal’ (ok mirror is a bit thin but there is a reflection in there!) This was from t
Oh you guys this week has been crazy! My oldest daughters just turned eight and my little one has been very sick ! So #folktaleweek2018 has been on the bac
기다리는 마음 # merrychristmas #메리크리스마스 #크리스마스그림 #minne그림 #우민혜
《작은 전나무》 (큰북작은북, 2007) 한스 크리스티안 안데르센 씀, 마르크 부타방 그림, 이상헌 옮김
현재를 누릴 줄
I am the walrus 
Goo goo g’joob
Day 7 #folktaleweek2018 #animal
These “tooth-walking seahorses” are important characters in the folklore
Jellyfish have an image problem that could be solved by a pair of 99 cent novelty googly eyes. •
#picturebooks #kidlit #characterdesign #children
Day 7 of #folktaleweek2018 prompt is Animal. An ink drawings a series of poems I’m working on. It’s titled “Stagefright.” #folktale #fairytale #kid
Follow your curiosity. This is mine right now. Art. Drawing. Particularly children’s illustrations. I don’t have a purpose for it. There’s no hidden
After writing most of the day today I let my inner sassy pants little me have a play with some new products by @beeartzyboxes Thanks! A fun evening doodlin