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⚔⚔⚔ ist nicht viel dazu zu sagen, ausser dass auf der Deutschen die Form wieder genauso auf den Punkt (Oder auf den Querstreifen 😂) da sein wird u
Starting the day on the right foot with morning stretches🕺
Ein erfolgreiche Mann auf dieser Welt zu sein, braucht etwas Mühe. Wenn du Motiviert genau bist, ist der Welt für dich da. Nimm es einfach💪🏻🦍
Love all our members 💙 they truly are the best !#Repost @my_life_uncorked with @get_repost
Thankful for the awesome trainers at my local gym @
🤓ха!) Я много расходую бензина ,на своём пути!)
Заправка, как говорят у нас Бон-аппети
On the first of dec im changing my whole life and going back to my.normal roots i have alreeady started eating boiled food..
But now im taking it to the ne
It’s willow time 🥰 loves the turkey 🦃 #helper #willow #whippet #keepsmegoing #excercise #fitness #diet #sw #budgetbecca
Doing yoga makes u realise how weak ur core is 😕🐒 🧘🏽‍♀️ #yoga#fitnessmotivation
Its important to train specific to your goal. You need to have a good program in place that is going to help you reach that goal. If you dont you may lea
After 10 days on excercise it’s finally time to go home today #beardeddad #beardedvillains #vikingbeard #singledad #excercise #army #single
Decided to treat myself and try the fancy #phasetech supplements from #myprotein! 
#gym #supplements #protein #preworkout #chocolatebrownie #sourgummy #amb
Transformation is painful and it’s not comfortable, but if you take the pain, the reward will be glorious! تغییر و دگرگونی دردناک اس
Thirsty Thursdays...last day of the Malcolm Allan burger breakfast 🍔, picked up a bottle of Cola zX from Aldi last night only 42p for the whole bottle..
Morning stretch 
#fitness #excercise #on #kidsplayground 😀
Dear Summer, I miss you 👙☀️🏝😫
Люди умудряются по-своему истолковывать не только чужие слова, но и чужое молчание. 
This is just one month and a bit after adding my push ups to my program. I can see that my chest is developing. I feel like I have done pretty well. At the
Just trying some Earthing out. I didnt realise how important it is to connect with the earth barefoot after reading Earthing:  the most important health d
Doing slow push ups until I drop. At the same time trying engage the core.
Bent over row with my #ptpfit blue Superband (22.7 - 34.1kg/50 - 75.2lb).
Instead of the snooze button I lie down on my spoonk mat for 10 minutes. The spoonk mat stimulates circulation,  relieves muscle tension and pain, while at
Just relax 🤷🏽‍♀️🌸
Sometimes I feel like giving up, ☹️ but then I remember I have a lot of motherfuckers to prove wrong 🤡👹💯✅⚖️ #sport #sports #active #fun