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Try holding the squat position for 1 to 2 minutes before going through your normal leg workout. You will be surprised on how hard your workout will be comp
I did it! I went back and joined a new group. Needed a fresh start been in an awful funk now for months and have got myself re motivated ready to smash it
A surprise 2.5 lbs off this week. 4 stone in total. 2 more minimum to go :) #ww #flex #weflex #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightwatchers #fatloss #stil
Understanding which food is calorie dense and which is nutrition dense is very important. Coupling it up with right workout will lead to a healthy and fit
Thursday Programming. 💻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
How many of you know people who hop from one programme
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Perhaps the BBC or channel 4 should take note of this study before they compare a potato to several sugar
When you first start your fat loss plan you may see fast results and become extremely motivated!
However, these initial results give you a false sense of
Great post by @cartergood #repost... I’m all for counting calories and keeping a food log 📝✅ — especially f
Blev en härlig kvällspromenad med @l.lindell ☺️ så bra att hon drar mig ut i mörkret 💕
#fitbit #fitbitcharge2 #hälsaochfitness #tränin
Exercise : PEC DEC FLYS
✅4 sets of 10-12 reps
✅Full range of motion with slow control negatives
✅hold it for 2 seconds ✅keep your arms straight for
BENEFITS of Homemade Refreshing Vitamin Water
Unlike commercial vitamin water, fruit-infused homemade vitamin water contains no added sugar, no artificial
Its very important to understand weather the food is calorie dense or nutrition dense. Combining workout with right nutrition can lead to a fit body. 
Our early V02 crew ripping into this cold Thursday morning. Is there a better way to start a day than with a UTS class? 
Awesome effort Tribe. Next up STEE
Today’s weigh in (I also do it with my clients to show accountability). Lost .5kg 1.1Ibs.
.1% Body Fat Lost
Body water slightly up
Muscle Mass slightly d
#cicciopancake anche per me questa mattina per un super post work out con vista!

Allenarsi la mattina ha sempre il suo fascino...uscire di casa mentre la
Broly and Prismo watching over the @foxhoundfitness PT studio. 
1️⃣ fully accredited Level 4 personal trainer & nutritionist. 
2️⃣ 200sqm private t
Broly and Prismo watching over the @foxhoundfitness PT studio. 
1️⃣ fully accredited Level 4 personal trainer & nutritionist. 
2️⃣ 200sqm private t
Throwback Thursday to the Himalayas 2 years ago!
Looking out at the beauty that is a mountain 🗻
Do you see what’s ahead of you?
Can you visualis
8.1KG ⬇️
Top Sources of Vegetarian Protein by @lindseydesrosiers ・・・
I am constantly asked how I get enough protein when I don’t eat meat. There are so many
They say social media only shows your highlights, but Im not sure thats always such a bad thing! Caught some absolute bug from hell/food poisoning scream
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🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉 or 🍨?
300 calories each! I hope this visual shows how the volume and quantity of y
The Jean shorts I bought about 2 weeks before starting keto are now falling off me 👏🏻
Why did I bother buying new clothes though 😭
Another day, another overnight blueberry pancake stack! 🤤🤤🤤 #90daysssplan #nsv #fatloss #weightloss #pcos #thebodycoach #90dayssscycle2
Don’t forget that Tapfit will be on tonight at 6pm. The feedback has been fantastic and the coaches want to see more of you there. Book in through your a
Baked raspberry oats 😍😍💓!!! I still have 2 sick girls on my hands .another busy day for me!! #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #slimmin
If you hate what you do them maybe it’s not the best way 🤷🏻‍♂️⠀
If you can’t wait to stop the diet or get to the end of your workout
My very own 12 week transformation! Dropping just over 10lbs whilst being very balanced on the weekends. This didn’t mean that I went all out every weeke
#tbt I’ve had this dress a year & it finally fits, just in time for party season 🙌🏼
I can’t believe that used to be me, but I know I’ll nev
Both men and women can use DIM to to help shift stubborn fat caused by oestrogen imbalances! 💪 .
Get it now from our website www.mycoresupplements.ie
Cardio.. sucks right?
Well it doesn’t have to!
You will never catch me running on a treadmill and I’d never prescribe it to a client
Make your ca
Now this is how to get my chocolate fix for the day 😍🍫 Strawberry milkshake carb crusher, with chocolate nut whey protein - both from @myproteinuk of
Be in shape for your summer holiday 🌞 we have a promotion on at the moment. We give our clients personalised plans for to achieve their goal weight come
Thursday mornings at York House 9.30am Fun fitness for everyone #funfitness #fatloss #weightloss #boxing #funandgames #fit4allmk #yorkhousecentre
Throwback Thursday to Eliot on our last shoot.
For coaching enquiries DM or E-mail.
Happy (almost) Friday! When it comes to recipes, ask and you will receive! I shared this new, creamy LEMONY HERB & GARLIC YOGURT PASTA SALAD 🥗 🍝🌿l
Bring your mat this weekend for @yogafestme Free yoga all weekend! Register online and don’t forget your water 💦 see you there!
My final tip of the week is to always check the label.

Nowadays, it seems like every pre-made product seems to contain an endless ingredients list with al
🤩 Transformation Thursday 🤩
Would you guys believe that this is me 1 month and 12 days ago? Would you believe the figures if I told you. I know I hav
Struggling with your nutrition? We’ve got you sorted! ⠀
Download BEAN Lite for free from the App Store or Google Play! ⠀
#nutrition #weightlo
EVOLT is excited to have 3 new locations in Singapore 🇸🇬
Welcome to the @evolt360 family @anytime.fitness.hillv2 
Gentle. Targeted. Results 
In 30 minutes you will effectively break down and burn off fatty tissue from your lower body. These machines also assist celluli
Finally a bodyweight strict military press at 69 kgs
Good thing there was no one standing in front of me to get freaked out at the second rep.
When transforming your physique  we want to utilise an approach that in application is based on the indavidual and not some arbitrary protocol because it
Lifes like seasons it changes. You enjoy it or you endure it as it comes & goes, as it ebbs & flows🍃
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