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Quick 2 mile lunch run on the treadmill @ an increased pace of 8.5 mph (7:03/mile). Also completed my upper body workout:

Chest Press - 3 x 15 @ 37.5 poun
Struggle is where skill is built.
7.18 mile run, wearing a 10lb plate vest, with an Air Quality I
Ciklo výlet okolo Bečvy👨‍👩‍👧🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️ #kolo #thulechariot #garmin #veronikapsulova
Da ich ja in den letzten Tagen beschlossen habe mich nicht mehr an dem Trainingsplan zu halten und einfach nur den Spaß am laufen wiederzufinden, scheint
Llegó mi equipación @teamradikalbikes 🇻🇪 que orgullo seguir perteneciendo a mi gran familia 100% radikal
#cctorresanvicente Máster Team
#garmin #b
Been ill with a cold for the last couple of days. So a steady 10k around the canals (copying @the_marathon_dan ) at a steady 140bpm heart rate to let my bo
Dopo un intera giornata al mare con pranzo al sacco ( pane con pomodoro 🍅 ed un panino con mortadella🥖🐖) andare a fare l allenamento e fare il per
En semestertisdag... vi har det såå bra hos svärföräldrarna...
En pw till affären ,ca 7 km och sedan ett pass med stryka med delar av mitt hemmagym
My mama always said you got to put the past behind you before you can move on. And I think thats what my running was all about. -Forrest Gump #runnersglob
Nice 8.5mi run this morning, but noticed that the dog statue in our front yard needs a hip replacement too! :) #embracethespace #teamaltra #runinrabbit #ru
2 interval runs...back 2 back....3 klms steaplechase training and 2,3 klms free run...
2 συνεχομενες κουρσες σημερα....Μια πρ
Come back home with eyes full of #blue #green , #mountain , #lake , #wood ,#three and thousands of kilometres. I want to come back #alpes again!

#bmw #bmw
“Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you do anyway.”
Vandaag bijna alles gehad. Verharde weg, atletiekpiste en boswegjes... de volgende keer nemen we er de Finse piste ook bij en dit allemaal op 1,5km van mij
Ready for tomorow #in_izegem #trio #triatlon eerste kennismaking 😜 #cubebikes #garmin #strava #pelotondhiver
Is this a sign of some higher mileage making its way back into my routine!? 7 miles today which is the furthest I’ve ran in at least a month, I think! I
Tuesday afternoon run 😁😄 Preparing for MBM 2018 💪✊🏁 Not bad 😁😁😁 But check out those odd spikes within my running course in my Garmin
4 miles this afternoon...Nice and cloudy with a decent breeze...still humid as fuck though. Had to stop after mile 3 for a bit before finishing.
Fotinha do treino de ontem em família 😃✌🏼🏃🏻
Rolou aquele treino funcional e de força na @academia_pro_saude_ .
Venha treina você t
WOW!! What a fantastic experience. Very humbling to compete with so many AWESOME athletes! We all ROCKED CLEVELAND!! Thank you to @usatriathlon  for puttin
On continue la préparation vers le Triathlon S 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️ On garde en esprit l’objectif des -20minutes 🔜 #courseapied #r
#Day44 : semaine 11🦖🦖🦖
#Run de 21km ce midi. 
Sortie longue au feeling. 
Pas le nez sur le chrono, je ramasse des bornes jour après jour et c’e
Fasted miles #nikerunning #garmin
Dur dur de sy remettre...
#onrunning #swimbikerun #garmin  #fitness
🏔 🏞 🚲 Transcristallo & Falzarego 🚲 🏞 🏔


#solowattaggio #bicicletta #bici #cyclinglife #cy
If you just listen - they will tell you everything.
#truth #tuesdaythoughts #tuesdaymood #tuesdayvibes #tuesdayworkout
Water work to end the morning training session. Love the full extension with perfect foot placement at the edge of the lake!

#gundog #gundogtraining #gsp
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⚠️ 60 DAYS ⚠️ Thats all that stands between you and the 2018 @chimarathon. Select the emoji that best sums up how t
🏃‍♀️🏊‍♀️Une bonne journée qui se termine (enfin je nai pas finie ma tournée mais bon😂) sportivement parlant🏃‍♀️🏊‍♀
Всё, всё, отвечаю, рассказываю 🤗 Очень приятно, что столько вопросов после story😘Итак:
Tror jeg må finne ett 10k løp for å sjekke om jeg løper mila på under 40😁 4x8min intervalldrag idag😁 Utrolig gøy hvordan formen har utviklet sr
Joggen am schönsten Ort der Welt❤! #runfast #runningman #running #rheindürkheim #homesweethome🏡💕 #rheindürkheim #asics #garmin #smalsession
Efter interval i går, stod den på rolig jog i dag (6:00). Til det er jeg altid vild med at løbe med mine leg kompressionsstrømper fra Compressport, som
Two months to go until I run in Birmingham. I can’t wait. I think a fair few of you are also running this one, are you??
Between now and then, I hav
Eine kleine entspannte Runde heute. Mal wieder nach Plan 😉👍🏼 #waytoberlinmarathon #berlinmarthon2018 #garmin #beatyesterday #berlin #teamcafefried
Sort of happy to be out face. Did a very easy 3 miles to see how many niggles, wiggles and waffles I have after mega run. Everything is heavy and sore but
Today was an incredible morning. There are no words to describe it. 07:15 AM on the top of Monte Civetta, 3220m. #mountains #trekking #alpine #training #na
Hello les sportifs ! Honnêtement, ça fait longtemps que je navais plus senti des jambes aussi fortes... Malgré un coeur qui battait vite, le corps a su
Przyznaję się bez bicia, po dzisiejszym wiem, że poranne treningi mi nie służą 😅 nie mogłam nabrać prędkości... A dzisiaj spokojne wybieganie
Às vezes o que a gente precisa é de uma companhia que nos leve em lugares que a gente jamais imaginou estar. #myinspirations #mybike #biker #aro #29 #cal
2 miles after work and before dinner. I need to get some miles in I forgot all about a 10K I have coming up at the beginning of September. 😬 #running #r
See you all at tonight’s Pub Run with special guests @garmin + the Roanoke River 8K! We’ll have Garmin demos to test out, swag + a raffle for a free en
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⛈ Muller och regn, det är så vi jobbar @desireefristedt 🙌🏼😂🤩 Å bättre å bättre blir vi! Terränglöpning at it’s best varvat med lite
Läs om vår ambassadör @doktorsterner och hennes uppladdning inför Ironman Kalmar på www.goodforce.se #Repost @goodforce_
Race week Kalmar de
Heute bin ich endlich wieder eine kleine Runde mit dem Rennrad gefahren 🤗🚴🏽‍♀️
Mein Piriformis wird schon besser👍
Es war heute leider tot
Hallo alle Zusammen! 
Sorry das ich mich eine ganze Woche nicht zu Wort gemeldet habe, aber ich hatte leider nichts zu posten...
Der Grund dafür ist das