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Almost talked myself out of my run today, but so glad I didn’t! I did w5d3 run again, since I wasn’t able to run the full 20 minutes the other morning.
EarlyBird, NormalBird, LateBird,...., nein, MidnightBird. 🤣 In ein Paar Stunden folgt noch der Longrun und dann ist die Trainingswoche schon wieder rum.
The annual 5 mile downhill run crew to the farmers market

Mid run, checking out the corn on Shady Brady Lane. It was a nasty 20 miles out there today. 
#ultratraining #summerinvermont #runnersofinstagram
Ran the MEC Trail Race 3 with @amyredpocket this morning and completed the course with an unofficial time of 1:04:17🏃🏁✔ A nice 12K route with moder
30 Min • Yoga . . . 
30 Min • Treadmill . . . 
First day of a long weekend. I needed to squeeze in a run!! I’ve got a touch of a cold so I ran on the
Oxfitt Run Till Dark - Race 16 is a new race and one where we run till night while maneuvering past babies, photographers, tourists and all form of land tr

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Yesterday is my birthday ‼︎
こんな0721 boy mac🧔🏻も
Gluten free brownies to end the day in front of the fire pit and then to bed under a half moon 🌒 sky. 
There’s a French saying that goes “l’avenir appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt. In other words: “the future belongs to those who get up early
The beautiful surroundings of Bushy park were the back drop for what was to be my first sub 22 minute 5km this morning (it was only by a second but it stil
🏅RedBull400 - Finisher 6min31🏅
Quand un loup @ar_champselysees débarque à Courchevel pour se lancer un nouveau défi : monter en haut dun trem
#finished ! My official time was 2hr 17min ming my pace 10:29... so proud of myself. Now for a nap. 
July miles: 51 
2018 miles: 390 .
RedBull400 - Courchevel 🧗🏽‍♂️
Il y a 10 jours je reçois un message de @alexispinturault en pleine demi-finale de coupe du monde ! Encore m
Run happy 😃🏃‍♀️ #casquette #runhappy #brooks #trail #enjoy  #runingirl #happy
Rino5k Recap

Great atmosphere... Great people... Great race...♥️♥️ And, let me say the funniest part was when people saw me...their face😱😂 I
Repost from @trailseekersrunco new trail-running collection. Check them out and pick up a shirt, hat, tank or head wrap. 📸: @dave_wiskowski
En vacance okay !!!!! Mais entre 2 activitées il y à tjrs moyen de caser un pti run dans ce super cadre ❤ histoire de garder les jambes en forme pour l
Photo non contractuelle 😂 ( ma magnifique petite famille ❤ ) sortie de 12 bornes cet aprem avec tentative de KOM à #capcoz (400m en 110) mais foiré
📆Samedi 21 juillet 2018
📌15x (1min 🏃‍♂️ - 1min 🚶‍♂️)
Plus aucun obstacles ne se mettra en travers de ma route 🙃
Let’s Go
Fun morning run exploring the winding paths, trails and cobblestones of Varenna. Started with a steep speed hike up to Castello di Vezio (pic 4).Then along
Bib obtained....now pizza! 🍕#rnrchicago
Back to Parkrun after a bit of time off. Many walking breaks because of a painful stitch, heat and being too much in my head.
Despite all this and findin
Things are picking up! I am finally at 6 miles a day, with 5 days a week of running. I can’t say that the injury is perfect yet, but I am hopeful I am on
Still sweating from this run! #igrunner #runnerscommunity
ѕαтυя∂αу яυη тιмє 🚸

Enchaînement 6km en 2416 et 4km en 1703 😱

Nowwwww 🍻 récup Active 🤣.
Objectif 🔜 : 10 Km du To
Wanted to go run trails today but 🌩⛈. Now time to finally see Ant Man & Wasp with the fam
Stick with the people who pull the magic out of you, not the madness 💫 
Another #tthinmotion top ride ticked off, in a quest to show the squad the best
Et non pas encore en vacances!!
Ça ce sera pour plus tard! 
En ce moment c’est même plutôt le rush, entre mon job 💻 qui me prend beaucoup de temps
#RunStreak Day 633, #VeganKeto Day 76, IF Day 15
When you have too much fun with your daughter at a Taylor Swift concert, stay out until 1am and can’t get up at 4:30am to go for a 12mile training run in
After the disaster of what was yesterday’s attempted longer run I decided to take it easier today. A nice evening run - keeping the distance a bit shorte
I was hoping today’s run offered a comeback, especially hitting the pavement before the temps soared past 🔥100°🔥, but I really struggled to find m
Headed out for some cross training today on the bike.  Rode from the county line to downtown for some breakfast and back home. One small minor wreck at the
Early Saturday morning speed session starting with some stretches and strides at the track before heading out for 3 miles at HM pace 🏃‍♂️💨 arou
Good morning!😊 6 miles. First four miles were negative splits. Which is crazy lately because I have issues with mile two. Me and mile two just dont get
Done 😝
25k with tough condition, legs was fine but with that temperature the cardio kill me.

Voila, cest fait 😝
Dur a boucler ce 25k, malgre de bonn
Happy Saturday, everyone! Got in a longer run this morning with my run bud, Al.. Legs felt great considering I raced on them last night... Hopefully theres
So humid. So sweaty. So over this training cycle. 😜 Trails, take me back, please! (10/8:31)
Yesterday’s 20 miler took a detour to the pain cave 15 miles into it. Total bonk with no warning...not sure if it was jet lag, not enough intake, or the
First Race in Michigan was 👌🏽Last half marathon was 5 years ago and I completely forgot how to race it! Paces were all over the place and at mile 12.
Running isnt easy. Its an invitation into an uncomfortable place filled with doubt, difficulty and struggle. When we accept that invitation we find with
🇬🇧 Well, when you have a plane to take, then you run fast 😉
I received an email from the company to tell me that my plane will be delayed by o

Easy pace recovery run after yesterday’s 14 hour day sat in a drivers seat. Kept the heart rate under 140, other than a couple of hills. Hopefully back t
Já tomou o remedinho hoje ? 🏃🏻‍♀️
Dose extra de endorfina com essa ventania e esse lindo horizonte!
O segredo da paz interior é mant
T W E N T Y T W O M I L E S ✔
9 around #Rutgers campus and 13 on the trails of the D&R Canal! F
wishing I could just freeze the weekend right here on a Saturday!
Pretty sure I reached the edge of my Universe this morning, at least it feels that way.  WTF.  Knees 😎 ankles and toes are zonked.  17.26 miles or 27.77
Today’s workout was 2x 800m, 1x 1600m, & 2x 800m, with 45 second jog rest in between. My average pace for the 800’s was 6:00/mi and my 1600 pace was 6: