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Getting into autumn praying for some cold.. I wanna wear sweathers and cute dresses with tights and nice shoes... Anyway, this is my tiny pumkin home!
I st
Découvrez ma formation en ligne pour apprendre à peindre !! RDV sur www.franckystudio.com #manga #dessin #peinture #illustration #ecoledart #formation #a
Les presento el primer dibujo hecho Con la Tableta Wacom Intuos Draw 😅
Fue Complicado, pero poco a poco lo estaré dominando...
El Lineart lo hice en Pa
🐈💖 にゃん~!! Im still practicing for #inktober I kinda know what tools I will use but I need to be 100% sure. About the theme... Something HP rel
[💜 Commission: Isabella 💜]
.  Este dibujo realista, fue un pedido y como no tenia un dibujo para hoy decidí subirlo
#art #commission #co
Storm sticker 
Voy a hacer una tanda de gatos, si no me distraigo con otra cosa.

#storm #x-men #cat #blackcat #sticker #ororomunroe #illustration #marvel
This hungry echidna from Hare ‘n’ There has SOLD! 
Pieces are still available at the Down The Rabbit Hole Show 🌟
#elthamlibrarycommunitygallery #ech
(Y’all remember him in my stories)Name unknown yet but boi he’s probably be one of my favourites💘he likes playing games and smoke in his free times
Fall has come...!!! This is a painting I did in the Central Park. I brought a small table and mocking those beautiful leaves 🍁 of NYC. .
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Artist : ロマンチックあげるよ (tumblr)
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Birds are not something that I normally draw,  I thought I would give it a go , have patience with it and see where it goes.  This actually came out really
- 44 - not sure about this one, not really satisfied with it ... but as I haven’t posted much for a while ...
This one was done in @procreate with @brush
More great content brought to you by @gahi.art !!!
Courtesy of @expressivevisuals 🗣️👁️ 📝 
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# 47
text translate: “Poor installation of the burners is a frequent cause of the fire”
language: Czech / Slovak 
size: 4x5cm
year: unknown
Illustration by (syalgu) on Twitter.
#illustration #art #painting 
#drawing #illustrator 
Just added this new print to my Etsy shop. Halloween is coming! Get your decorations ready! (Link to shop in bio). 🎃🍁
„A vallás minden igazi tanulmányozásának oda kellene vezetnie, hogy a különbségeket, a fiúk és lányok, állatok és kövek, napok és éjszaká
#sleeping #nap #illustration
A quick sketch of my friend, Caroline! 💕
*профессионал по ватермаркам, а вообще мне лень было нормально делать, и я хочу спатт
Coucou world ! 
Jai quelque chose à vous montrer 🙈 cest la première commande personnalisee Que jai eu de pancarte Miniw
Ausgabe nr. 7 vom neuen Qwant. ist da. (ich war zumindest in 5 davon illustrativ konsequent) ✏️
Best of und bussi an @fraeuleinflorasbg
We’ll call him Dymytry because I love Y
#digitalpainting #illustration #art #drawing #digitalart
Just a boy.
#digitalpainting #illustration #art #digitalart #drawing
Flowers make me smile 🤷‍♀️
Our store will be operational starting from 3 to 11pm tomorrow, pay us a visit if you are in the area. For private visit, consignments or other needs, plea
De algo nós temos que morrer
 Disse o gato romântico,
 quando se apaixonou
 pela sétima vez~