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Target training. Suzie era fera e Merida tá pegando rápido. Pro Pistache é um pouco difícil. .
Essa é uma forma de gastar energia dos cães, além de
LOVE 😍😍❤❤
📸Photo by @petsandbeasts ⭐️
Congrats! Tha
Maninhos juntinhos neste dia mais friozinho delicioso. Os dois acabaram de acordar da soneca.
#irishsetterpuppy #irishsetter #setterirlandes #settertriac
Мы с Доном хотим быть тайным сантой и дарить добро вместе с @bigkotopes .  Я уже давно хотел
Kisha passer godt på 💖
Ну вот и все. Я стала мамой 10-ти очаровашек. Уморительное это дело, скажу я вам. Спасиб
Today wore me out. It doesn’t help that mom’s so soft and squishy in her puffy jacket #irishsetter #irishsettersofinstagram #irishsetterpuppy #arcteryx
Nother set of vaccinations this evening. If you can’t tell, I’ve mastered this whole vet thing. #irishsetterpuppy #irishsetter #irishsettersofinstagram
This photo makes him look like he was organising this big dog playdate but it was a fleeting moment captured on film - he was running for almost the whole
Practicing being a good reindeer so Santa will bring me gifts. Mom said I’ve been so naughty this year. I blame it on puppyhood.
Dear Santa, I promise I
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Adjusting to life with a puppy is not easy. The living room has been emptied of everything except the couch, our wedd
Andd I’m back at it. On account of- No rest for the wicked 😈 #stubbornredhead #irishsettersofinstagram #irishsetter #irishsetterpuppy
🎶You’ve got a friend in me🎶 
One of the first toys we purchased for Ember and definitely her favorite. It stayed with her in the hospital. She slee
On Sundays, I nap in the hoomans bed. #irishsetter #irishsettersofinstagram #irishsetterpuppy #stubbornredhead