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Run & Rejoice your day. #BeFitBeYou 
She runs in Nashata:
- Mumtaz Sports Hijab
- Riada Pesaque Top
- Riada Active Pants
Complete set for RM267 only. 
I breathe in strength, I breathe out weakness. 
She trains in Nashata
- Raazglove headwear
- Zip-up Azeeza Top
- Stirrup Leggings

Get them at nashata.com.
Ghost theme beautifully dressed up by Intan who participated the Pacemakers Anniversary Relay 2018 last week! The relay run was a 15km distance run with ev
Tercicir lak gambar ateh batu 😅
#omaksuko #nashatarunner
Ibu dan anak2 bersama2 jiran bersama jiran punya kawan dan juga jiran punya kawan punya jiran. 😅😅
Bukit Kepayang kami dah sampai 😂 jangan memandan
Ahmdulillah .

Done 84km (Double FM)

Now I am officially 84km finisher.

Ultra Marathon Finisher 2018.

Tahun depan kita upgrade 168km. ~Road to mental ku
There is a winner in you! Keep training, never quit. #ayuhsemangat #spiritup
Congrats to young runner Nahsuhah for finishing top 10 at Columbia Asia Run. .
Run for the betterment of our planet. Wonderful hijabi runners, Ainaa & Intan Suraya are proud supporters of the Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2018.
They ran i
Planks for cooling down. #6km #training #running #nashatarunner
Inhale the future, exhale the past.
#6km #training #running #nashatarunner
Training in hoodie gen #lovingit #ayuhsemangat #5km #nashatarunner
Ok.. Assalamualaikum.. Omak dah bangun tido. Sampai rumah ngam² time Zuhur.. mandi, solat & pengsan 3 jam.
This is consider my 4th Full Marathon. Adoii
Congratulations to our founder, Eliza and Nashata Runner, Intan who finished full marathon under 6hours. Awesome ladies! 👏👏👏 #scklm #scklm2018 #no
Amaigaaadddd!!! PB!!! Alhamdulillah!!
#omaksukorunning #scklm2018 #nashatarunner #tootired
Here we go #scklm2018 #NOEXCUSE  #nashatarunner
Savvy Minerals Lip gloss. Very innovatif! Dah la kaler lawa.. ada lampu LED, ada mirror lagi tu. Senang nak touch up masa dalam gelap, sesuai juga untuk ka
Cukuplah Training #25km #scklm2018 #running #siscuba #nashatarunner
Veteran & modest runner @intansurayamaad will be running her 12th full marathon at the Standard Charted KL Marathon 2018. Lets run girls!
Hydrate & nourish your body & keep training for the biggest marathon in Malaysia. .
She performs Long Slow Distance Training, Speed Training & Hill Train
Standard Charted KL Marathon is around the corner. Nashata runners and supporters : @nahsuhah, @safwanghafar  and @elizanoordin share their routines at the
Greeting Friday with hill training 6km 4 loops around PICC. Enjoyed it! 
#training #scklm2018 #running #nashatarunner
With Kak @elizanoordin the lady boss of @nashatadotcom 😊😎.
She ran FM yall.
#omaksukorunning #MWM2018 #nashatarunner
With @ainaass my adik padu!! Cool aje dia ni. I need to dig more running tips from her 😉😎.
#nashatarunner #mwm2018
21km aje pun rasa macam nak pitam hari ni. Haiishhh.. need to train harder!!!
📸by @checkpointspot tq 😙
#omaksukorunning #mwm2018 #nashatarunner
Ladies who run are beautiful because they are always confident in their own skin. BE FIT BE YOU! Congrats running sisters! .
#nashata #nashatarunner #mal
1 for the album. Pic lain² petang karang la eh. Ni nak hantar anak balik asrama jap. 😙😙
#omaksukorunning #MWM2018 #nashatarunner #halfmarathon
Throwback MWM 2017. Ran Full Marathon with my bro @yusradmj  yg sabar gile melayan perangai I yg terhegeh² berlari.
Yus bawakan hydration bag & it was f
Malaysia Women Marathon datang lagi! Throwback my MWM 2016 half marathon.
Are you ready girlfriend? Omak selsema la 😪😪. Tekak pun sakit. But InsyaA
I run to strengthen my wimpy legs. I run for fitness too. What about you?
#slowrunner #nashatarunner #scklm #scklm2018
Major throwback running my virgin full marathon at the Malaysia Women Marathon @irunmwm 3 years ago. 5 more days to go. Hope to finish with no injury and b
It gets hot really fast lately. Track training 3.2km .
#training #mwm2018 #nashatarunner
Nahsuhah has completed 12 full marathons and her 13th will be at the next Malaysia Women Marathon @irunmwm. Part 3 of 3 videos is her tips on post-running.
Take care of your food intake, hydrate & get enough rest! Part 2 of 3 video on preparing yourself for a race! 
Condition your body for a good race without
Its 1 week before #mwm2018 yall
Kakak kena share my taper week routine (which I pun main taram aje hehe)
I am a fun-runner or if you wanna call it ca
Here are last minute tips on pacing your run at a race shared by Nahsuhah who has completed 12 full marathons, 42km. Part 1 of 3 video on preparing yoursel
Kuuuss semangat terkejut Makcik Kiah tau... 😂😂 (Dia ingat ibu lari dari rumah ok!)
#mwmxnashata #omaksukorunning #nashatarunner #mwm2018
Its been a while...dah lama x lari 5km ,...best nya lari rilek2 mcmni 😁
12km pace kura-kura. 🐢🐢
#hilltraining #running #training #nashata #mwm2018 #malaysiawomenmarathon #nashatarunner
Throw back being a pacer 2:40 of 21km at MHWH AIA Vitality Night Run 2017.

Sponsor official Apparel by @ultron.co 
Pants and hijab by @nashatadotcom 
When I was 5 years younger my best timing for 10km was 1:30. I was so proud of it 😁.
Now I am almost 40 y.o. I dont feel young anymore but I got PB t
Ok dah,..jom balik 🍃 Lari lama2 kat sini air tasik pun nampak sedap 😆😂
Hi adik² manis!!
Head up to @nashatadotcom to see my new instastories yayy!!!
You can find it under mwm highlights
Go! Go! Go! #nashatarunner #mwm
Smile for the camera!! Look Im floating yaayy!!
Even after surgery pun my left pinky finger tu memang takleh nak bengkok betul² dah. Masa running dia a
Assalamualaikum adik²!!
Omak has been invited by @nashatadotcom to influence the #mwmfunrunners funrunners for 5km & 10km category in #mwm2018.
Omak r
Bend like the willow so you wont break. #10km #training #running #nashata #nashatarunner
Done and dusted! #5k at the #wellmanrun 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️at the @thetrackmeydangolfclub - This race was different on so many levels -
Everyday, since August 2017, Leilah from Kenya would send me a verse from the Quran. Today this is the verse of the day shared on #muslimpro #blessings #si
Work out your own salvation do not depend on others. 
#12km #training
#nashata #nashatarunner
#treepose #yoga
Tengok ni!! Tengok ni!!! Twincity 2016 vs Twincity 2018.
Yg 2016 baju merah tu omak 58kg. Yg latest 2018 baju hitam tu omak 60kg.
I am heavier but slim
We dont meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason. Pray it is always for good reasons. 😉

They run in Nashata :
- C
Always finish running a full marathon with a fresh look - made possible when you run comfortably in Nashata head to toe!

Congrats Intans for finishing the
Up 2 pics dulu lah ye. Nanti petang baru masuk lagi banyak² eh... .
#omaksukorunning #twincitymarathon2018 #nashatarunner #halfmarathon
Up 1 pic jelah dulu. Nak tido 😴😴😴.
Settled lari KUL Marathon. Tapi Omak masuk 25km je. Kaki cramp dekat KM22 rasa mcm nak naik ambulance.
Tu s
Series of Omaks faces in Pink Ultra 50km last Sunday. Terima kasih all superb photographers & friends yg tag me.
1st pic #mukogulo Loop 1-10 (Km1 - Km21
Alhamdulillah selesai dah my Virgin Ultra Marathon 50km. I did it in 8:42. Saya tahu saya slow. Tapi saya finished strong.. 😊😎
Im in solo category
Aim for 19.5k in 2h45m achieved!! Did it in 2:42.
Penaattt... I need masaaat.. masaaat.. nak masaat!! 2 kali singgah 99speedmart in 2 different location
Dari rumah ke Stadium Bukit Jalil. Tawaf Stadium 2 kali then balik rumah balik.
Lencun baju Akak.. tapi pace cenggitu gak.. lenggang kangkung pace.. ok l
Konon-konon... hehehe... best!!! #omaksukorunning #nashatarunner
Target less than 80mins for 10k run. Hahaha! Achieved!! Ko memang suka sipi-sipi kan Tan???
#omaksukorunning #nashatarunner
Should I say YEAY??
Pink shirt was Putrajaya Night Marathon Nov 2016.
Maroon shirt was yesterday at PJ Half Marathon 2017
 #omaksukorunning #nashat
PJ Half Marathon 2017 with Nashatas Founder Madam @elizanoordin & Nashata Model Ms. @insuraya.
#omaksukorunning #nashatasquad #nashatarunner #therunning
Happiness is running with girlfriends!! Yeay!! (Photos by @nashatadotcom)
#omaksukorunning #nashatarunner
Runderful (adjective) is how you feel the minute after you finish your run 😁.
Pic by @elizanoordin. Love it!! 😍😍
#omaksukorunning #nashatarunn
Ok..have to upload this pic. Sebab saya sorang je comel dalam pic ni. orang lain tu semua penat macam zombie... nyiah nyiah...
#omaksukorunning #SCKLM201
My idol @insuraya 😍. .
We both have too many similarity makes me wonder sometimes maybe she is really my twin sister? Hehehe
Sama nama, sama tempat ti
BFF anual runcation 😁. Love you @maton79 😍😍 #SCKLM2017 #omaksukorunning #tantun #nashatarunner
#SCKLM2017 #omaksukorunning Sunday Runday Funday 😊😎😍 #nashatarunner
Saturday morning 5k run. Happy morning = happy day! 🏃🏃
#omaksukorunning #nashatarunner
Happy sangat ha... dah rupa macam pompuan giler menari makyong. 😂🤣. What ever it is, i would like to thank  @yusradmj sebab jadik pacer yg terbest. H
Berapa kilo dapat hari ni? Akak dapat 10 je.. Boleh la kaann... #omaksukorunning #nashatarunner