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Драгоценность - это целая наука!
Красота - это грозное оружие!
Скромность - это верх эл
#complicatedflowers still flexing #colors @ #galerieleroyer by the #talented @oleaakjaer
Let’s continue to have great moods all summer ‘18☺️ Book your appointments now ladies and gentleman, boys and girls‼️ Appointment times/ dates
Sweet color combo!
🎸: @ibanezgtrjunkie
Awesome Strat!
🎸: @buddyblues 
My father in law painted every single piece hanging on the walls of his vacation house. 😳😳 #talented
Can you name the song?
🎸: @seeiseez
We need to protect and support our women and children 👶
📷: @iamhamamat
It’s Ke-Mixx ! 🗣 Get In the Mix! 
Welcome one and all! It is time to finally open the doors and cut the red ribbon and invite you all to: “Ke-Mixx E
6 years ago I made this song🎵 still  dope 6 years later I still know my lyrics 🗣 word from word that #talented #hiphopmusic #hiphop #undergroundhipho
🎩s off @officialdesjo for your hard work and performance for #thecollabatl and my boi @djfreeze70 🔊 #talented #performance #performer #music #musica
Hello goulddiggers! She looks gorgeous👑Here are some lyrics of our queen Ellie Goulding “Reaching higher than towers❤️Wasn’t any way we could’
Ήταν μία εβδομάδα που καλή δεν τη λες και ακριβώς. Είχε γιατρούς, εξετάσεις, νεύρα, ακ
New project short movie (AFTER DRUGS)
Male Casting
Beautiful mini bouquet 💐by my talented friend @peipei528 😍 超美乾燥小花束,為什麼我的朋友都這麼有才華啦~
#alliseeispretty #be
“If you know you’ve got something that’s really important to give you’re going to find a way to give it, no matter what”! Inspirational to me & t
Se você é fã, você tem que acreditar acima de todas as coisas, e nunca desistir, por mais que às vezes pareça impossível.
Hair + makeup by me 😍 #Repost @izzybeclothing
Be your own kind of beautiful ❤️ Grab this tee for 10% off - use the code “WARRIOR” at c
Evergreen 🏵️
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By @kush_chandu .
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🐦Luky🐦 with an old piano in a museum.. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
A short beautiful part of 🌞Mozarts Sonate D major🌞 in b minor.. it is like a fresh rain🌧 in the middle of a sunny⛅ day.
Mozarts cute music created on a small part of piano keyboard.🌞
Requested magical 🏵Fantasie - Impromptu🏵 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••