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How many times has this happened to you? How much have you spent to get someone to come out and get them out for you? Get covered today!!! #askmehow #donts
ma magie est meilleure que la tienne, alors arrête de jouer! mais je pourrais utiliser un ventre plat ... Alors, arrêtez avec le remplissage K, merci!
Slept in with this one today and practiced in what we woke up in☀️#pajamaparty
And of course, instead of playing with toys, she prefers my pen, notepad
In moments of tribulations or trial where you can’t bring yourself to be annoyingly positive...choose neutral!!! Today I choose to say that my future is
Never stop growing! #theresablessingineverylesson #todayisanewday #onedayatatime
Start with your why and end with your why 🔐
#growdaily #inspiredaily #todayisanewday #riseandgrind #keepgoing  #hustlemode
This is so very true. 
#Repost @thehopefulaussie with @get_repost
“That may be okay for you but not for me”
When I would hear other peopl
Wishing all a Wonderful Wednesday! Remember you are NOT your mistakes.... Mistakes are simply something you do and not what you are... For you and nothing
A much needed reminder for me today....how about you? 🙏 Do you ever feel like because you didn’t comply 100% to your workout plan-your eating plan-you
I am so grateful for this journey!! I am the happiest I have ever been!! Do you need help finding yourself?? I can help!! #makingprogress #transformation #
Today I got myself out of bed and I took my gym to the living room in my pajamas!! “People who are willing to take the first step toward life transformat
Ugh...I have been making not-so-smart decisions this week about what I am eating. I know what foods irritate my stomach. I know what foods make me feel lik
☀️Good Morning!! What is everyone doing different today? For me I’m doing my orientation and hopefully completing the process for school. 📚 I’m
Ugh.......so true especially yesterday, but today is a new day🎨 #todayisanewday #sometimes #artlife #sometimesitshard
#GodsLoveFirst #BeThankfulForThisDay To Anyone Shaking It Rough.. You Are Strong When You Know Your Weaknesses.. You Are Beautiful When You Appreciate Your
I AM grateful for all that i have all that i am and all the is I AM at peace with the world I AM a masterpiece 
I welcome today with open arms to day is go
Forget yesterday - it has already forgotten you
Don’t sweat tomorrow - it hasn’t come yet
Instead open your eyes and heart to a truly precious gift - T
I’m starting to enjoy these hotel room workouts! Great space, carpet, super cold AC!  Now to get back on track with my nutrition, I splurged last night w
My blessing from above and he will always be my light in the dark, my inspiration, my greatest teacher, my motivation and my brightest purpose. I am his mo
It was sunsets that taught me that beauty can sometimes only last for a couple of moments. It was sunrises that showed me that all it takes is a little pat
Whether it’s your fitness journey, your health, your relationship, your career or a business you are in control of what you do today! 
#todayistheday #to
✨ .
Give me strength 
to see my own beauty
to set free my energy .
To heal in the name
of what is true .
To pray for the wounds
To fill them with you
Every word spoken is a creation granted... Choose your words wisely 💥 #youcreateyourreality
I took my gym to the tiny space in my bedroom today to try to soak up some AC! It didn’t help! #soakedinsweat #daytwo #noexcuses #latenightworkout #trans
Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful!! No matter your size, flaws or insecurities...You.Are.Beautiful!! Take each day as it comes and foc
Hope youre having a #beautiful day 😙🔥
So today when I went to grab my workout clothes I grab the wrong pants 🙄 the pants. Still look cute and Im still going to workout. #stillcute #stillwor
Mood. #mood #todayisanewday
#betterlatethannever #todayisanewday #Gods #resetbutton #bepositive bring great #energy with you where ever you go! #begrateful that you were on the #wakeu
Back in Ofc after Eid Vecations ✌✊
#HeadsUp #ShouldrsBack #TodayIsANewDay #Hope #Believe #Golas #Motivation #JFT