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When you all have social anxiety. 🤭
#Repost @rescuedogsrocknyc
🐾🐾Olivia Update🐾🐾
**Remember, she was found abandoned in the middle of the night on an old dirty mattress, criticall
Looking for inspiration from the cat gods.
Asoka is that small, that Bella can take her harness for miss piggy and take her for a walk 😂
Asoka is so klein, dass ihr Geschirr miss pi
Some people will never understand how much i love my dog, but that‘s ok my dog knows ☼
Wahre Freunde sind schwer zu finden. Vor allem solche die 96% lu
הפוסט ה-400 שלי😜 ... חלמוניות
 פרח יפה הפורח בסתיו לאחר הגשמים הראשונים בצבע צהוב-חלמון,
Kobe & I
My second time with a big friend and turned out amazing. ❣️
Fun fact: He doesn’t like to share toys. ————————————————
This is how I feel about all the haze outside from the fires. 😞😷 The rain can’t come soon enough!
It’s ruff having two Christmas freaks as moms! I’m exhausted from all this Christmas joy. 🐶💤💤🎄#christmas
Meet Bowie... 🥰
Male ShihTzu 💙
Will charm you with his eyes 😍
Sire: Ray-Chels Scott
Dam: Ray-Chels Savanah
It was an awfully hot weekend in Jobreezy 🤯 so basically we swam ten times a day! 🐾 #beingbeanie @boopmynose •
Discount codes 💸
Its a big wide world out there, make sure you stay close to your hoomin - Sirius
It’s been so cold and smokey lately, we’ve just been potatoes in the house😷🥔
Hey wanna see me with my best friend ? There she is @via_thegoldengirl ♥️🙌🏻 •
La voici ma meilleure copine 🥰 ! Je l’adore mais pas qua
What goes on behind taking the perfect peekture. I think sometimes bloopers are the ones that get imprinted into our memories ❤️
When the laundry comes fresh out of the dryer 😂 #toastywarm
What does it look like?
Faces of angels. For suuure 😅
When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. -Franklin D. Roosevelt
Still hanging with Pipa. It has been six weeks from her inju
Did you pups have a lazy Sunday like me or a busy one?
Mum, is it Christmas yet? Im sure one of these presents is for me! Ive been good this year (well most of it) i swear!
- the prick 🐾
Celebrating Rhylens birthday
The drunken flop that’s more of a hard fall than flop 😂 (@winniethewunderbun this one’s for you)
When you realise it’s already Monday 😒 #mondayblues #tiredpuppy
🎶 Its a quarter after one, Im all alone and I need you now. Said I wouldnt call but I lost all control and I need you now. 🎵 #ladyantebellum
The Monsta stretched out to her full 12inches 😂😂 incidently this is also how she sleeps when we try to share the same side of a bed 🙄 #bedhog
..these three are your #bestpartner for watching #scarymovies ... kalau takut nonton sendirian, ajak mereka buat nonton bareng...😀😊 😍😘 ... mand
🛸 溜_