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Combo birthday superpowers united 🍾.🥂.🍹.🎉.👭. .

#birthdayweekend #vegastomorrow #forever24 #hadsuchagreatweekend #werebuyingahouse #puropinc
Home inspection day! #crossyourfingers #werebuyingahouse #thecampbells
When you exchange contracts on the house, have @idealhomeuk magazines and left over champagne from Christmas... that’s winning at instagram life, right t
Y’all we did it! Prayers have been answered and our mighty God made a way. We are under contract on our perfect home! .
His word says, “Prepare your wo
Also, gonna need some bubbles very soon and I’m not fucking around. Pretty sure Tony would approve. #growerschampagne #andalso #brunopaillard #champagne
Our offer on the house we wanted was accepted!! CELEBRATION!!
Remember when I said #werebuyingahouse? Well here it is!!! @jaredcosta_ can’t wait to start gardening! ❤️❤️❤️ #MakeAmericaGayAgain #TheWhiteH
Super excited about our next step towards the future. This guys makes sure he keeps me happy. Were moving soon!  #werebuyingahouse #newhouse  #comingsoon #
Did you guys see the tutorial on my story yesterday? I shared how I flipped an old dresser into a buffet - which for me, is our coffee bar! ☕️ In case
So stoked to get this email today! Is this real life @jenj_30!? Im so excited! #WereBuyingAHouse #Adulting
Flashback Friday to July 4th with this one (and to the days before I regularly got my eyebrows done. 🙃). 😍❤️ #fbf #myoneandonly #WEREBUYINGAHOUSE
When you put an offer on a house in Austin, and it’s actually accepted! 😳 That means your buying a house!  It’s official!!! The Douglas-Stocstill ga
T o r n ...... Between picking pretty things and reading the letter from the Surveyor that came yesterday ☺️ surveys being completed Tuesday ♥️😋
Our offer got accepted!!! So thankful because I’m not sure I could have looked at many more houses or had any more offers rejected on places we liked! 
Chilling at the besties in the 🌞🌞🌞🌞 #guildford #surrey #sunshine #sun #summer #weekend #besties #gardenfun #bemesoon #werebuyingahouse 🏠🙌
It’s just the beginning 💪🏼 A whirlwind of days ... and a house of nothing but boxes ... but my SHE-CAVE is up and running! Now to crank our your or
Hey guess what. WE’RE HOMEOWNERS! 🏡 Yeah ... that explains my MIA-ness the last few days. Wait, what day is it again? Just kidding. Kinda. Anyway, onc
Ion I promise you big windows with screens that won’t fall out so you will be safe. #werebuyingahouse
It’s been a day of packing and purging. Feels good, but I always reminisce as I get ready to move forward. I have had a lot of addresses in my lifetime a
Look no further for your Mother’s Day shopping! Grab one of these Mom Definition lazy susans ... it will be perfect for her special day ❤️
Shop thi
Okay 🙌🏼 The new items were ... drum roll, please ... LAZY SUSANS! I have 3 styles currently available in the shop. PLUS one super unique fun tray. Iâ
Have you watched my stories yet?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m debuting some new items tomorrow and this is the sneak peek! If you can correctly guess of what t
Our new watering hole #undercontract #werebuyingahouse #laporte #rurallife
Have a wedding coming up? 👰🏼 Order a custom Initial door mat for the newlyweds! ❤️
Shop this mat through the link in my bio!
So close to actually being a home owner! #werebuyingahouse #almosthomeowners #lessthantwoweeks #isthisreallife #homebuyingisnojoke
Today is a good day for a good day 🙌🏼
Link to the shop in my bio ❤️
Happy Saturday! My goal this weekend is to take the WHOLE weekend off work ... Wish me luck 🤣 What are your plans?!
Shop this tray through the link in
Love is breakfast in bed 🍳 🥓 ☕️ Could this be any more perfect? You guys requested this tray to be listed in my shop - so I made it happen! You c
Customer photos are the.best. Especially like this 😍 Tag someone who needs a wine-glass-holding bath tub tray!
📷: @kayleeee_a
Shop this tray and
Im so lucky to have a man like you @j_cook828. I will promise to always love you like you have always loved me. #werebuyingahouse #hesmyforever #shitsgett
Where are you following from? Share your “home sweet home” state below! 🌏
Link to this sign in my bio. Different sizes available, and choose your
I made this sign for the event at @museatthemill wedding venue a few weeks ago, and listed it when I got home, and didn’t think much more about it. It ha
“Since little hands touch our floors, please remove your shoes at the door” 👶🏻 The cutest (truest) sign for your entry way 🏡
NEW sign now li
IT’S HOUSE MONTH, PEOPLE! 🏡 The finishing touches are being done on our first home, then it’s go time - aka, hurry and move in so I don’t get behi
You guys should see how many of these I have made in my 200 sqft room right meow 🤣 I have 3 styles of this tray, and several different color options! Go
With my pink drink in hand, let the packing commence!

#ineedalltheenergyicanget #imnotafanofpacking #momlife #werebuyingahouse #moving #cantwaittomove #pl
Mrs. Mandalay Bay #werebuyingahouse #vegas #yolo #winnerwinnerchickendinner
You guys have not slowed down on ordering these serving trays, and I am NOT complaining! 🙌🏼 They are way too much fun to make 😍 Perfect gift idea!
To say I almost fell to the ground when we came in and saw our cabinets up, is nothing shy of an understatement 😍🤣 I mean, IT’S SO LIGHT AND BRIGHT
These serving trays are a BEST SELLER on Etsy! I have several colors and styles available ❤️ Have you ordered one yet? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Link to this
Woke up to breakfast and this amazing card for my birthday! His creativity and homemade cards blow me away. Couldn’t ask for anything more!!! #werebuying
Our first house is becoming a home! We now have WALLS which is way too cool to actually see it laid out 😍 Ps - I cant WAIT to decorate my office, and s
We’re moving! #werebuyingahouse #freeport #maine
I love you endlessly ❤️

#myforever #myeverything #myalways #iloveyou #werebuyingahouse ❤️
Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day ❤️
Link to both of this sign is in my bio! Available as a 2x3ft and 2x4
Okay, friends! Another tray has been added to the family 🙌🏼 This guy is going in the shop tomorrow. What color do you like best? Brown, or grey?! ðŸ¤
Wow. Clearly you guys want this saying on a sign 🤣 So, if I make this sign ... who wants one?! 🐶🐱 Comment below 🙋🏼
Link to the shop in my
NEW TRAYS! Check out my story to see all of the currently available serving trays. They just keep comin in, and I aint complaining 😍🙌🏼 Your suppo
This has been a very long couple of days. 2 days before closing we got handed 3 more conditions, and then yesterday at 2pm we got handed one more. I ended
Working today on photographing some of the new (and insanely growing in popularity!!) serving trays in the shop! Stay tuned for photos of all available tra
A very, very happy birthday to my sweet and supportive husband ❤️😍 This guy right here, is so supportive of me and this business of mine, which mean
These trays are so popular right now, and it makes me so happy ❤️ Perfect engagement or wedding gift 💍 Or for yourself ... cus you deserve it 🙌ð
This handsome guy turns 27 tomorrow, and we had the best weekend celebrating his big day ❤️ Ps - I took the WHOLE weekend off work. (Except the occasio
Yesterday was an amazing day. My wife and I Signed the contract so they can start to build our home. So blessed. #werebuyingahouse #trulyblessed #theclemon