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Smackdown was lit tonight, rusev vs styles is gonna be great I hope. If rusev gets book right in this feud than it should be interesting. 🔥
Braun Strowman ..
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I love the Undisputed Era so much (I’m even wearing the shirt right now) but seeing this made me jump for joy. I’m so glad to see Trent and Tyler holdi
What do you want me to say? When you go off script against the Bosses Orders, as well as piss of people backstage, it’s kind of a given. I wasn’t shock
Don’t you see the writing on the wall? You’re in way over your head, you’re gonna drown in the things that you’ve said. 
I’m stoked Jeff is using
THIS WAS THE RIGHT CALL! The timing is right, the stars are aligned, it is time for Rusev to win the WWE Championship. AJ has had a good run but it’s now
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I want to hear everyone’s opinion right now. Who do you think is the best wrestler in the world?
2 Years Ago!
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